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Weidner’s Mechanical of St. Cloud, Minnesota has been employing Minnesotan’s since the 1950’s. If you’re searching for HVAC jobs St. Cloud MN, we hope you’ll take the time to get to know us. Our employment listings are always up to date, so if you find a position listed here, it’s still open.

One item to note, if you do not see your position listed here, but would still have interest in connecting with our hiring team–contact Harry Rothstein. He is best reached via email,

Weidner’s is an HVAC company in St. Cloud that understands the value of it’s working force. We take pride in the benefits we offer to those we work with, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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How to Apply: (click here to download application, send via email to the contact listed below)
Phone: Harry Rothstein
(320) 250-5390


Harry Rothstein

Cell: 320-250-5390

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